Monitor Everything

Why is collecting data essential?

  • Lets you know what’s actually going on
  • Allows informed decision making
  • Spot and rectify problems quickly (or before they happen)
  • Monitor and measure change over time
  • Take the pain out of compliance and record keeping

What is Nix?

Nix is a powerful online software platform for the collection, management and sharing of data from various sources including meters, loggers, sensors, websites, databases and your existing infrastructure.

While Nix can be used for any industry with monitoring needs we have developed special expertise in catering to the water industry. Nix is available on a casual subscription basis or as customised licensed software. There are options to consider, but typically the subscription is under $10/month per data feed.

Why is it unique?

The software architecture is open, with no ties to particular hardware and no limitations to the type, format or source of the data streams. We can integrate with your old systems and/or bring your data across alongside your new systems.


The data is anything that you need to measure against time. It might be temperature, a flow rate, distance travelled, soil moisture, pressure, voltage, current or bytes - to name a few.

Nix supports a large number of different types of data and units out of the box and more can be easily added



With Nix you can manage thousands of data sources from anywhere. With its unlimited hierarchical organisation structure you are able to delegate parts of your system to be managed by others, as well as choosing exactly who gets to see what data.


No one don’t like waiting for reports, so that’s why Nix is built for speed. Complex reports load in seconds and Nix is continuously monitored for performance.


Not only does Nix backup your data constantly, it checks to see that you’re not missing any. It keeps track of all expected communications and keeps you notified if something goes wrong. Nix keeps you informed.


Unlike other software solutions Nix does not lock you into using specific hardware. With Nix you have the freedom to use existing hardware and blend with any new hardware you might use in the future.


Audit Trails, security logs, accountability and a strong focus on security keeps your data safe. With Nix’s advanced user management system you get to decide who can access your data.


Nix is our focus and we are here for the long haul. By choosing Nix you can be comfortable that you will have us to support your needs into the future.


Nix is being actively developed and new functionality in the roadmap will be released free to subscribers



Reporting lets you:

  • Easily search and select even from thousands of data series
  • See data grouped by hour, day, month, year etc
  • See Minimums, Maximums, Totals, Flow Rates, Cumulative Volumes, Averages
  • BY Hour, Day, Week, Fortnight, Month, Quarter, Year, Financial Year
  • Graph using intuitive web graphing with zoom, multiple y-axis etc
  • Export to CSV
  • Create custom reports that can be saved and shared

Search and Selection

Find the data you want... fast.

Even if you have thousands of data series, Nix allows you to find them quickly. With it’s advanced search interface you can search by type of sensor, logger or simply browse through a hierarchical tree to find what you want.

Data series can be grouped together or placed in sub-organisations not only to delegate control but to provide a logical structure to your data.


After selecting the data series, the data page allows you to display data from loggers in an Excel like format with sorting and filtering built in without the need to export to a spreadsheet. Custom analysis of the data can be conducted by using data’s Export to CSV function.


Nix graphing uses advanced intuitive web graphing with zoom capability. With it’s advanced display algorithms Nix’s graphing solution can accurately represent tens of thousands of points on a graph.

Nix graphing includes support for:

  • Multiple data series
  • Multiple axis (different data series with different units)
  • The ability to dynamically re-size to take advantage of larger screen resolutions on your computer