Aqualizard GSM Data Logger

Battery Powered. Multiple Inputs. Waterproof.

The AquaLizard GSM Data Logger is a low cost, stable, reliable, multi-purpose data logger. With multiple analog and digital inputs, the IP68 waterproof AquaLizard is designed for use in a wide range of industry applications. The AquaLizard GSM can capture data from pulse, analog and switch inputs, making it capable of working with a wide range of sensors and equipment. The AquaLizard GSM is a battery powered unit that uses GPRS for communications, meaning that it can be deployed to remote locations without geographical limitations

GSM Mobile Communications

Using the GSM mobile network, the AquaLizard GSM can transfer its data from anywhere with signal coverage. The AquaLizard GSM’s communications enables it to be placed in remote locations with no access to data or power.

Multiple Data Inputs (Digital/Analog)

Many types of sensors can be installed with the AquaLizard GSM which can be configured with:

● Up to 6 pulse OR switch inputs

● Up to 6 analog inputs

IP68 Waterproof Enclosure

The AquaLizard GSM case has the highest IP (Ingress Protection) rating against dust and water.The hermetically sealed case allows the AquaLizard GSM to be submerged into water.The case is also heat resistant, allowing the AquaLizard GSM to operate in Australia’s hot conditions.

Digital LCD Display

The LCD Display on the AquaLizard GSM allows for easy checking of the input readings, time, cell-phone tower signal intensity and relay settings.

Battery Powered

With a battery that lasts 5 years (based on one update per day) and is inexpensive and simple to replace, the AquaLizard GSM is perfect for use in remote geographic locations where power sources are not available or for places where it is not economical to install electricity.

Power Output

The AquaLizard GSM can be used to power small devices with 3V and 24V outputs. This allows the AquaLizard GSM to power sensors that require power and don’t have their own power source.